an old hearse parked on a residential drive for private use. Is this legal or even morally acceptable ?

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doubledutch2 | 13:35 Thu 13th Nov 2008 | Other Vehicles
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A neighbour has bought an old hearse,renoviated it and now drives around the streets in it and use it as her private car.She parks it proudly on the drive in a quiet cul-de-sac ,with privately owned houses all around her. She has bought a coffin to put in the back. By law is she allowed to do this ? There are houses up for sale in the street , what will prospective buyers think about a hearse parked opposite their new home? Morally ,is it right for someone to be allowed to use a vehcile , that has been used for transporting souls, on the last part of their journey from this world , for some sort of sick attention seeking person(who ,incidentally, always wears black ,her hair is dyed black and wears black sunglasses at all times whilst driving said vehcile!!!! ) Has anyone got any answers please????


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anyone who believe in souls is gonna be of the belief that the soul would have long departed the body by the time its in a hearse.

what answers would you like? its certainly not my cup of tea but theres stranger people out there
I can't think why it should be illegal. A lot of people drive old hearses (not usually with coffins in the back though!)

In my youth back in the 60's one of my friends had a hearse and we all used to crowd in the back to go to parties, etc.

It may not be good taste, but I doubt if it's illegal.
Oh and it personally wouldn't stop me buying a house in your street.
Nothing wrong with this legally or morally.

I don't think that is/should be illegal, it's just a car. Bodies are also transported to and from morgues/funeral parlours in vans. People can buy old ambulances so why not a hearse? There's an old hearse that parks near my house that's used a builders van!

Some people are just a bit eccentric, be a bit more open minded, she doesn't sound sick to me. I also dye my hair black and all my clothes are black it doesn't make me a bad person!
its only a van with side windows for gods sake.or an estate car,personaly i think its funny.Make light of anything associaed with death.
It sounds like she's a Goth.
What she is doing is not illegal.

Live and let live.
How cool is that!

become friends, then when someone you know kicks the bucket ask if you can borrow it,
a friend of mine had a hearse years ago and put a pool table in the back,looked great,just did not have room for playing with a cue.
everyone to their own
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thank you everyone for your interesting views I will now take a different view on this car now that i been introduced to some alternative ways of looking at it you have made me feel much happier about it... and the gravestones and the caravan with three 666's wrote all over it in the garden next to the car ,I now accept they are just there to create a more interesting ,amusing backdrop . I think you are right she is just a bit eccentric ...cheers
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an old hearse parked on a residential drive for private use. Is this legal or even morally acceptable ?

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