welding galvanised steel

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Lord Unstone | 14:47 Sun 17th Feb 2008 | Other Vehicles
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I want to do some mig welding on a trailer hitchlock that has been galvanised. Is there any problem welding mild steel to this?


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I am not a great welding expert, but I know that the zinc of the galvanising will produce a lot of poisonious. I would clean off the galvanising around were you are going to weld and file or grind some of the surface off as it as alloyed to the steel. I would still have plenty of ventilation and possible use a flux. You can use a zinc paint to protect the surface again and make it look better.
you might want to grind the galvanised area - the fumes are poisenous so dont inhale the fumes also when you weld it the zinc burns off really hot (lower melting temp) so wear some gloves.
As already mentioned the fumes you would get from the zinc are harmful but its also important to note that the zinc does not only sit on top of the metal, its gets into the grain structure so grinding off the surface will only remove some of it
Many welders usually weld galvanized steel at some point in their career; and in doing so they may experience galvanize poisoning or metal fume fever.

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welding galvanised steel

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