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riptide | 20:14 Fri 11th Feb 2011 | Cars
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Final question to all you kind people who have been answering my questions on the smart car. Do I need power steering, I know it is only small, but I bumped into a lady who has had two of them and she reckons you do. On driving it I did not think it was too bad without it, but that was only a test drive. I know it will cost a bit, but is it worth it?

Thanks all


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I would say so : )
i would say yes.
ps are you sure you didn't drive one with PS?
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Thanks, bit of a cheek I think that it comes as an optional extra. Will have to see if I can get it added, hopefully it is still in the factory.
Good Smart Website for you ....
with the passion model it comes as standard
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Wish it did come as standard, but just been to smart garage and it does not. Have driven the car again and I can honestly say that the steering is just as good as my bmw. Actually I think the response is good without power steering so am going to leave it off this time round as the delay would be several months and I will lose money on my part exchange. Really do not think I will miss it that much unless I am going to be continually parking which I am not.

Thanks all for your comments
Somehow the words 'passion' and 'Smart Car' don't go together.
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hope you did no damage when you bumped into the lady
Well, don't know what car you have now but if you're gonna go round bumping into people it sounds like you need a small car for sure, and, as they don't come much smaller than the Smart, that's the one I'd recommend.
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When I say I bumped into an old lady who has had two of them, it does not mean I hit her with the car, have you not heard of the expression "I bumped into someone". It means I met them!!!!!

Anyway, the car is arriving in two weeks without the power steering, I really do not see why you need it on these cars.

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Power Steering on Smart Car

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