Speeding Offence...... Wrong nomination possible summons now. HELP......

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1chizal | 23:21 Wed 09th Feb 2011 | Cars
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Hi Please help any advise would be greatly recieved.
I recieved a Speeding Offence 52mph in 40mph zone, the car is a company car, nominated my partner as the driver as we thought she was driving on this date as it was during the christmas break. I Signed and sent the forms back. Today I have recieved a letter from Nottinghamshire Police stating the following: Following your recent nomination of +++++++ as the driver of your vehicle when the above offence was committed, I can tell you that enquiries have been regarding that named person at the address given by you.I regret to inform you that we have not been able to confirm your nominated person as the driver.It then states section 172 of the road traffic act 1988 and I have not fulfilled my duty. Proceedings are therefore being considered against you in respect of this. A summons may follow in due course. However, should any actual evidence become available which ma tend to prove your nomination, I ask that you forward it to this office for our consideration at the earliest possible opportuinty. Falling this, such information may be presented at any subsequant court proceedings.Your Faithfully.

I already have six points and need my linence for my work and to keep my job to pay the mortgage etc, my partner is now also pregent. Please help, I look forward to any help and advise you can offer. Many Thanks in anticipation.


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Was she driving?

Ask them for a photo.
Surely if your girlfriend was driving then she should do the decent thing and own up.
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We thought she was driving as it was during the christmas break. With the letter I recieved today they have sent a photo and it does look like myself and not her driving. I don't know what to do now???
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The inference may be drawn that you nominated your mrs because you've already got six points. Not by me though, I believe you genuinely thought it was her ;)

Good luck.
Are you able to tell them you made a genuine mistake and thought she WAS driving that day (if it's a route you both cover often)? Otherwise it does look as if you have named someone else, trying to protect your own licence.
I can't see any other option than to own up and apologise.
I think they must wonder though why you thought it was her- if you were unsure you should have said you weren't sure.
You're dangerously close to being prosecuted for attempting to pervert the course of justice. A successful prosecution nearly always results in a prison sentence, which certainly wouldn't help you to keep your job and to pay the mortgage.

Write back, stating that you made a genuine error and that you now accept that you were driving the vehicle. Accept the three points and then simply remember to observe all speed limits. (It's really not that hard at all!).

A friend of mine said his wife was driving which she wasn't and they blew the picture up and you could see him in the back seat eating a bag of crisps as plain as day.Come clean if I was you.
Be honest and tell the truth. We hate being lied to and it makes it worse for you because we will go out of our way to make it worse. Just tell them you honestly believed that you were not the driver at the time and date of this offence. However, on seeing the photo you now believe that it was yourself driving. Pay the fine and take the points. No one forced you to drive at 52 in a 40, slow down and heed this lesson.

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Speeding Offence...... Wrong nomination possible summons now. HELP......

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