Sedona Front Brakes

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Mr-H | 18:39 Tue 08th Feb 2011 | Cars
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Car has just returned fro a service at 38k miles (55 plate) with an advisory that front pads are getting thin, will need replacing shortly. Is it worth considering replacing discs at gthe saame time? EBat prices approx £65 for pads and discs, £20-25 for pads only. Depends on the amount of work involved?


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If it ain't broke don't fix it.

The discs on ebay might be cheap but they probably won't last as long as the perfectly good ones you have now.
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Just what I was thinking - thanks.
does it have warning light to advise when manufacturers think they need replacing. If so would go by that - but then do it sooner rather than later
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I've not heard of that in DISCS - on pads yes, but discs, no.
If the disc thickness is visibly worn down more than about 1mm (on each side) or they are worn across the discs unevenly, replace them with the pads.
There are no disc warning indicators.
Only pad and service/inspection indicators.
thought we were talking about brake pads!!!! We can we can talk about discs another time
TonyV .. Try reading the question maybe?
Ask your garage .. if you trust them. If you don't trust them, go to another garage!

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Sedona Front Brakes

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