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BradleyGas | 19:12 Thu 15th Jul 2010 | Cars
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Because of a long standing back problem - and the fact I get pain down my left leg - its been suggested to me that I should consider switching to an automatic car to make driving easier.

Has anyone any suggestions as to the best automatics on the market? I'd be looking for a small car, say, 1100 - 1300 or so. Reliability, but also comfort are important.

Any comments welcome. Thanks in advance.


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I have a new Hyundai I10 Comfort Automatic. I love so much. It is comfortable, compact and very easy to drive. My husband has trouble with his back and he says that this car is great for him. Whatever car you decide on, I hope you have very many happy and safe days motoring.
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Thanks letsgetbusy, thats helpful.
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Depends how many seats you want.............I have a SmartCar which has a tiptronic gear change so no clutch. It suits me as I have arthritis so no problems driving, and as they are high up they are easy to get in and out of. It's 1000cc and is £20.00 road tax.
I've been driving automatics since i passed my test in 1974 (took my test in an automatic mini) I've never driven a manual geared car, can't on an auto license anyway, I've driven many many types of car but nothing beats a mini, I'll get another one one day, preferably a blacl one,
Minis are a bit low and hard to get out of if your back's hurting, though - the Smart sounds like a sensible suggestion, though I've never driven one. I've driven automatics for years, just a lot less hassle. I've got a Peugeot 306; maybe a bit bigger than you're looking for (the 05 models might be better) but it's proved very reliable.
Did you know.....Driving for long hours with a wallet in your back pocket can cause serious back pain?
At present I have an 1996 Ford Scorpio Ultima with all the `toys,` and am loathe to get rid of it as it`s got very low mileage and never let me down, and always passes it`s MOT, but with rising costs I fear it will have to go to that great `crusher` in the sky very soon. I hate the thought of it, and will break my heart, so I would like to know, what small car about £7000. to £10,000 could give me the same service and comfort that `Scorp` has done?
About the best all rounder for the money and servicing costs, together with nippiness and room is a Polo 1.6 CL Auto. They are good for access, and easy to maintain. Around 2000-1 year model you could find for around £1000
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Thanks for all your answers, they are appreciated.
I get back problems also Bradley, its called the wife, trying to get my wallet out!
I had a Polo once... worst car ever built in the history of the universe, broke down every month without fail. Not recommended, at least by me.
I bought a brand new (sorry that sounds like I'm showing off...but wait until I tell you what I bought) Suzuki Wagon R. Great town car easy parking and very low insurance. In fact it's the number 1 car that disabled people buy.

I too have major back problems and used to have an Astra automatic. But I would get "stuck in" and have to be pulled out by my wife. When her back got bad we changed to the Suzuki. No problems whatsoever as it is higher than a normal car.

Good luck mate, I wish you well.
Toyota Yaris either Full Automatic or the MMT (automatic and manual but no clutch).
I think the MMT is great especially in traffic. No more clutches for me
i've been driving automatic for years. I would recommend Honda Civic previous version, it' super reliable, very spacy and confortable. I would also recommend Honda Jazz if you prefer to have a small car.
Funny about the Polo....
I know on one Auto which has done 55000 miles and not one breakdown.
I think you had an unlucky car, or an abused one jno
I suggest you go and sit in loads of them.

If you suffer back problems, the quality of the driver's seat is probably the most important factor.

Some are really comfortable with good lumbar support. Some are little better than deck chairs which will exacerbate your condition.
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There are some good ideas here, thanks to all who've commented.

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