crashed my girlfriends audi, need advice!

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steviestevie83 | 09:54 Wed 21st Apr 2010 | Cars
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I crashed my girlfriends audi a3 1.9tdi 130 2002 into the back of a ford focus estate while pulling off in 1st gear at a roundabout, i cracked her bumper and light while i smashed my wing and scuffed the bumper and headlight. but also my front wheel made a screeching noise as if were being dragged and both front wheels are pointing in different directions when i looked. the wheel feels loose when i kck it, i managed to drive it at 20mph 3 miles to my house most of the time i heard the screeching wheelspin type noise. the abs light was flashing then it just stayed on and it slighty improved. the steering wheel is not straight now also. any ideas?


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Just a wild one.....take it to a garage.
Buy body armour for when you next see your GF !!
You've obviously damaged the front suspension, you need to get it looked at by a garage and I wouldn't suggest driving it again until you do

(and body amour for when you next see the GF is a good idea too)

sounds like you have displaced either the driveshaft or cv joint and the screeching is probably the brake membrane rubbing against the disc, which also would account for the abs light.

Seriously would not recommend driving it anywhere until either a mechanic or AA has looked at it. your choice but it could get a whole lot worse than you think, not to mention if your wheel comes off, which it probably will, the expense then goes through the roof!

And with the flights all cancelled you cant even escape abroad from the girlfriend !!
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What was the damage to the fiesta? doesn't sound like a 1st gear accident.

Driving it could have seriously added to the damage.

You do realise if you had been stopped by the police while driving it in that condition you could have been prosecuted.
Dave ...

stevie getting stopped by the Police will be the least of his worries once his GF gets her hands on him.

He is in sooooo much trouble !!
JJ I think your right.

While your here why is the Avatar on your profile different to your posting one?

Both jogging ladies but they don't look the same.
Not sure, DTD

Maybe cos I keep switching between the two, and the "Profile" hasn't caught up yet?
The lesson to be learn here is don't drive Audi A3's, get a decent Golf instead.
How did you go into the focus? :/
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crashed my girlfriends audi, need advice!

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