Clio reluctant to start when warm!

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mildwin | 16:48 Wed 01st Jul 2009 | Cars
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Have a W reg Clio Grande 1.2. Have had intermittent problems with starting the car from warm. For instance, if I drive the car, then stop for a while (i.e. fill with petrol, pop into a shop), then start it again it has had a few times where it has been reluctant to restart. But it has always restarted (eventually) I just have to keep trying. It now seems to be doing it more and more. And the last 2 days, during this really hot weather, it has done it even when the car has been left for a few hours. It NEVER does it first thing in the morning though. Any ideas, and approx expense, would be much appreciated. Thanks


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Clio reluctant to start when warm!

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