Is it possible for me to work out how much petrol i would use driving for 2 hours on motorway

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DC_FC | 15:30 Tue 17th Jun 2008 | Cars
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Its a long shot but id like to know if i can find out how much money i would spend on petrol, reason im asking is that im applying for a job buts its 2 hours away(mostly motorway driving) and as its 2 hours away i thought would paying for a hotel room (4 nights) be cheaper than buying petrol,


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You need to know the mpg your car does, and use this calculator ulator.htm

Use google maps to calculate the driving distance
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Ok thanks, iv used google maps to work out the driving distance,
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On that website where it says miles travelled does taht mean miles travelled between the 2 petrol fill ups, and where it says litres of petrol would i put in how many litres of petrol ive put in from the 2 fill ups of petrol
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Depends which motorway?, What time of the?, day, how fast you drive? and what car you have.
Why 4 nights ?

Have you rung the hotel up and found out the cost of 4 nights ?.

It's 2 hours drive not 10 hours.

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Im aware tht it depends on various factors eg how fast i drive, which motorway, i only askd if it was possible to do,

bravo1 i just wanted to find out if a hotel for 4 nights would be cheaper than buying petrol, i haven't found out any hotel prices but then i haven't had any feedback yet re the job.
why 4 nights as the job is Monday to Friday and 4 nights would be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,

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Is it possible for me to work out how much petrol i would use driving for 2 hours on motorway

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