Ford Focus auxiliary 12V power socket

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4candles | 17:12 Sun 06th Apr 2008 | Cars
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I have a Focus Zetec Climate - one of the last of the version which was superseded in March this year.

In the brochure, it states that all models in the range have a rear power pont in the centre console. Well, maybe it does, but where? Is it camouflaged, or hidden behind something?

I'd be grateful if any Focus owners could confirm its existence.


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According to the handbook, power points are located in the centre console and in the luggage compartment - (depending on equipment fitted).

I only have the 12V power socket in my centre console just in the wee tray in front of the gear lever.

I think it might be an optional extra which you may have to ask to be fitted at time of ordering the vehicle.
It might be referring the the estate models.

However, if you do use the 12V power point, only use it with the engine running. This will stop your car battery discharging rather quickly.
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Hi Fanriffic,

Thanks for replying. I think we're slightly at cross-purposes with terms here ;)

Agreed with what the handbook says, but it's not model- specific, so doesn't detail differences in models.

I do have a socket in what the brochure calls the stowage tray, in front of the gear lever, which you are referring to as the centre console.

The centre console is actually the area level with and to the rear of the handbrake. This is where the brochure says there is a socket, standard on all models (not an optional extra).

A socket in the boot is only standard on estates, BTW.

Hello again 4candles,

Now I'm with you. Slight confusion over the terminology of the centre console area.

I only have a power point socket in the stowage tray.
Absolutely no rear socket in my Focus Zetec Climate on the rear centre console.
If it was fitted, I think it would be above the rear passengers ashtray which folds down.

I would query this at your local Ford dealership.
The brochure appears to be misleading.
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Thanks Fanriffic. It's no big deal really - I just wondered if it was there and I'd missed it somehow.

The brochure, of course, has the usual disclaimer about 'continuous product development' and 'The right is reserved to change specifications blah blah...' !

Thanks again for confirming that it doesn't actually exist.
My 2003 focus 1.6 Zetec Climate has one. Its in between the two rear footwells on the console, coming from the front

Follow the console from the handbrake, between the seats and as it comes down into the footwell, its there.

One at the front of the car and one in the rear
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Thanks for info 'spaced'. Following your directions, there's just a fold-down ashtray there.

The Focus was re-launched in 2005, so from what you and 'Fanriffic' say, I'd guess it's a typo in the 2007 brochure.

Ah well, nae bother, I still love the car ;o)
I have a Focus Titanium and have also been searching for the 12v supply in the boot. The manual clearly states there is one in the luggage compartment, hmmm. I can assure everyone that I have searched every nook and cranny and there definitely isn't one in there.
Very dissapointing :-(
The wiring spec tends to change year by year, so a brochure "can" become misleading.
The centre console wiring bundle comes from the dash along tunnel.
Low spec models do not have any provision in the wiring, higher spec will have an unconnected termination or a connected socket on rear face of console.
How I know? I looked after technical and catalogue wiring for Ford (incl. Focus) for a few years.

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Ford Focus auxiliary 12V power socket

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