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Panic Button | 17:48 Mon 24th Mar 2008 | Cars
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What are hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius actually like to drive?

Also, are you forced to go to a main dealer for service, or can independant garages deal with them?


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Only sepcially trained technicians at the dealers should service the prius, would you want to trust someone with over 400 volts in expencive your pride and joy
I agree I would not trust anyone but a main agent to touch a Prius. In driving them there is not much difference except no engine noise at low speeds.
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I haven't got one , but am curious.

So you will save money on fuel, but then have to pay top whack for dealer servicing!

Mind you, I wonder what maitenance the electric bits actually need. No doubt all the other bits such as brakes and petrol engine can be dealt with by Joe Spanner round the corner.
I wouldn't bet on it this guys getting 40-50 MPG m

and h'e a fan!

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Thanks Jake.

That has shown me it has two of my pet hates in a car.

A speedo in the middle of the car instead of in front of the driver.

A digital speedo.

Not had it long, but like it lots. Comfortable and practical. Computer says 55mpg. Reality says 52mpg. No complaints there. �15 road tax lets you buy a lot of petrol compared to others for effectively nothing. Simple sum: road tax saving of �100 equates to say 19 gallons at todays price. At 52 mpg that equals just under 1000 miles. Depends on what you want from a car, but don't write it off as "cranky"!!
Hybrids are not common enough that most mechanics know how to do work on them. Even the brakes and such are more computerized than regular cars. The vote is still out if they end up saving much financialy. The fact that they use less gas is better for the environment and issues of "peak oil"

If you want more information about hybrids you can try rs1.html

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