how long does it usually take to get a court date? After stop by police with not valid international licence.

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naratiptip | 10:59 Fri 29th Feb 2008 | Cars
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I was stop by the police because they said my can does not have the insurance, actually I got already. Becaus I am using the internation driving licence and I just known by the police that I might not be able to use this licence If I came in UK more than 12 months. Therefore, I got the ticket for produce my passport and driving licence with the police at police station. I went to the police station next day, the police check and said my international is not valid any more (actually it just issue on Jan 08) because I have been here more than 12 months. So,I have to go to court anyway, the police officer said. They ask me that, have I got any uk licence? I told them I've got only provisional which just issue on the Jan 08 also. The reason is, I am planning to buy the car and I think I might need the uk licence so I applied for it. The police officer said they do not need anything else except provisional licence for dealing with my problem. And I have to go to court anyway? The question is, what will the court deal with me, (fines?,jail?) and am I still possible apply for theory and practical test?


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You will get a better answer than mine soon but you have commited an offence and putting it right after the offence is impossible.

It could take up tp 6 months before you have to go to court, you won't get "jail" just a fine if found guilty
I would agree with Toureman
From the cases I've seen, it's usually points and a fine for this - lot's of people make the same mistake on internationl licences (as opposed to EU licences).

You have to exchange your licence after 12 months for a UK provisional.

When driving a car, you must be accompanied by a passenger over a certain age who has held a full UK licence for a certain period of time (I forget the technicalities), and the car must display L Plates.

The mistake is commonly made as people have passed their driving tests (I assume !) in their own countries, but then have to re-do the test over here.

Normally looking at an IN10, and possibly the LC20 - shouldn't be custodial for a first offence - where's New Judge?
The international driving licence is not recognised because I believe you can just order these over the internet. You have to have a recognised driving licence from your own country but if you intend to stay here for more than 12 months then you will need a british driving licence.
If you have a recognised driving licence from another country then your qualifications may be transferred onto a british licence, depending on what tests you have already taken.
There is nothing to stop you from applying for your theory and pactical test in fact this will show to the court that you intend to do things properly.
You will not go to jail but you will receive a fine and penalty points on your licence.
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Thank you for all of answer. I am working on theory test right now. About the court, I am waiting for it. Dont want anything to mess up on my record. Therefore, do I need silicitors? (sorry if spell it wrong). Because, I dont think that I can explain everything to the court in that time.(I mean my english is not strong enough to talk with court.) I accept in what I did, so I ll accept this to the court anyway. One more thing, Im about to be back my country for good after May this year, IF there is nothing from court to me in that time. What should I do? or where I can contact about my problem? Lastly, I still able to go out and back into UK again,right? Nobody will stop me at the airport's Immigration, right? Thank you very much.
Ps. I've pass driving licence from my country 5 years already and I didnt buy international licence online. :P thx lots.

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how long does it usually take to get a court date? After stop by police with not valid international licence.

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