HELP! Renault Scenic Rear Electric Window problem

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annie0000 | 16:25 Sat 16th Feb 2008 | Cars
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The rear electric window on our Scenic (04) has come down whilst the car was parked and it won't go back up again. Anybody got any ideas?


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Absolutely brilliant Toureman - registered and found out info and window is now shut - saving me a whopping bill.

Thank you so much 8-)
I have a similar problem with my scenic - passenger window goes down by itself when driving or car turned off, whats wrong with it?
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I looked at the renault forums and there were a couple of different explanations.

Apparantly there was also a recall or maybe just a known fault with some cars that renault should repair.

I just held down the button on ours to reset it and it worked, but another explanation was something to do with water getting into the unit - usually if you have taken it for a car wash.

I think if you try raising the window and then holding it for a while after it has shut this resets the electrics and it should be fine after that.

Definitely go to the forum site though - there is loads of info there.

If your window is going up again, it is not the motor - don't be conned into having it replaced.
thankyou so much will give it a try! fingers crossed
I have had 3 regulators fail on my Scenic...

I called renault UK and made a complaint (the car was 3.5 yrs old) when the first one went. (its a known fault by the way - water gets in the door and corrodes the cable regulater)

I demanded they pay for it as its a design fault. They refused.... I then called back stating how my 1 yr old son was in the back when the window dropped and its a health and safety case and i was going to call trading standards... I was firm and calm.
They paid the whole lot...

A secound one went (same car) and it did the same window dropped like a stone cable snapped (car 4yr old nearly) At first they refused to pay... After stern words and threats to sue there back sides.. I got the secound one free of costs....

Third one went the other week (cars 4.5 yrs old) Blood outta stone job on this occastion... after a few words etc.. I managed to get 50% of the costs back.

Think if i would have gone through with the claim i possibly would have got total costs back...

But at the end of the day the result is ok... not done too bad... But there design team are to blame..

renault UK complaints it the first point of call... Be very firm and professional with them. There not your friend there trying to save them selfs money for there poor designed cars...its your money they want!

All the best
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Hi fireuk - we dont have the car any longer - we traded it a year ago for a Skoda Roomster - not as big as the Scenic, but we've no complaints - lovely car to drive and based on the vw so quality is there and Skoda are usually No1 in the satisfaction surveys. We are not that badge concious, but i pretty sure that it p's off all our neighbours with their mercs and bmw's!!
I have just had the same thing happen to me, I have tried every thing that is logical but it still will not come up
I have created a facebook group so we can collectively discuss


I hope this will help highlight the problem
I have created a facebook group so we can collectively discuss


I hope this will help highlight the problem
hi .quick fix is ,take a live wire to the pink terminal of the switch controlling that window .....should be located in centre of the terminal block..... then an earth to one of 4 corner connections depending the block rotation, the window will then go up...... remove plug from the regulator ....then remove your quick fix wires.........then order a MINI CUBE relay on line and fit it ....This will complete the repair....

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HELP! Renault Scenic Rear Electric Window problem

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