VW Golf MK4 dashboard lights

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j1_69 | 12:16 Sat 07th Jul 2007 | Cars
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I have a Golf 1.6 S 16v (2002) and I don't have an owner's manual. About a week ago, warning lights on the dashboard have come on. All are in yellow - one has 'EPC', one looks like a tap-but have been told its something about the engine, and one of a picture of the road with a circular arrow.

I have thought about taking it to the garage - but don't want to unneccesarily. Can someone enlighten me what these mean?

I would appreciate any help :)


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EPC is a general warning light, often comes on because the brake light switch is not working, get someone to check you have working brake lights. The "tap Light" does sound like engine management and could mean a lot of things, it really needs a dignostic machine. The road with arrow sounds like the cars traction /stability control is faulty, could be related to the brake switch again.

Check for working brake lights first, if not working its probably the switch and hopefull this will reset 2/3 lights. If they are working its even more urgent to get the car on a diagnostic machine.
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Thanks for the prompt answer furrycheeky!
please give a hint from where i can find the owner's manual in english for golf mk4 1.6 - 16v - 3 doors.
I have the same car, but my manual is is german.
Thank you.

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VW Golf MK4 dashboard lights

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