Capri with twin 40's

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Qmark78 | 16:53 Wed 25th Apr 2007 | Cars
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My mate has recently purchased twin 40 webers for his crapi sorry i mean capri

im convinced these will do more harm than good and are more for rallying etc not for everyday practical use

what will happen once these things are on his engine?


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What will happen depends on what other work he's doing: just bunging on twin 40's in isolation won't improve performance by much: he really needs to have the head reworked for bigger valves to take advantage of the 40's being there, fit an uprated cam, a balanced exhaust manifold, then jetting the 40's accordingly with some rolling road, if all he's doing is nailing a set of 40's on and nothing else then it won't do any damage, but it won't turn it into a tarmac burner either!!

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Yeh he is having it tuned and got a kent cam

so hes right it will go like *******

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Capri with twin 40's

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