head gasket failure

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Sparky1979 | 17:04 Wed 21st Feb 2007 | Cars
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I think my rover 214 is slowly losing coolant into the cylinders, what is the best way to test for this type of head gasket failure please?


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First clue, if it's a fairly bad leak, will be a lot of whitish-grey smoke from the exhaust, especially on start up. If the leak is such that the coolant can also get into the oil, check the underside of your oil dipstick or oil filler cap. If the coolant is leaking it mixes with the oil slightly and leaves a tell-tale creamy beige gunk. This can also be seen at the opening for the crankcase breather... it may be a few drops of the mixture on your garage or parking space floor. If it's more of a slight leak you may need a compression check, which usually can only be done at a garage... Good luck!
The K series engine in the 214 is somewhat prone to head gasket failure.

First signs are often a tendency to over heat and loss of coolant.

You won't necesarily see the mayonaise in the oil unless the gasket breaches between water and oil channels.

Chances are if you're loosing coolant on this car it's a HG failure
also if the engine has a plastic inlet manifold. the rubber gasket between manifold(inlet) and cylinder head also gives the same simtons of ahead gasket failure .you can ceck this problem by running the engine and pull and push inlet manifold back and to the engine revs up and down

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head gasket failure

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