Nissan Micra 03 boot water drainage problem

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SickMouthy | 11:44 Sat 06th Jan 2007 | Cars
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We've had our Nissan Micra since August and a few times have noticed things left in the boot getting wet - initially we thought it was just condensation, but the other day I noticed a cardboard box and a jacket left in there absolutely sopping, and there was a damp smell too. After some investigation, there was a big pool of water beaneath the boot, in the cavity for the spare wheel / jack / etcetera. I think that, when braking, this water must have been sloshing forward and soaking into the boot cavity cover / rear of the back seat, and from there into items left in the boot. We've drained it out with a cup and sponge, cleaned and dried the jack / wrench etcetera, and will see f more water accumulates.

The main question(s) are a; how is water getting into the boot cavity - there's no obvious leak or route, all seals seem to be intact, and b; why is it not draining out properly if/when it does?


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Am not sure about your car specifically but the main suspect would be the rear screen seals and the rear lamp cluter seals - best way to find out is to get in the boot with a torch - and close it and then get someone to spray water from a hosepipe on the aforementioned areas seperately.
And your answer to part B is that it shouldn't be getting in there in the first place.

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Nissan Micra 03 boot water drainage problem

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