Can Anyone Advise Regarding Jump Leads

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Stargazer | 19:53 Sun 18th Apr 2021 | Cars
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I am about to buy some jump leads for my Micro 998cc.They vary so much in price that I do not know how much to spend. Any advice appreciated.


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These should be perfectly good enough to keep handy for emergency use. (Although I'm not a great fan of Halford's, they don't sell absolute rubbish, which you might otherwise risk buying on eBay etc):

Screwfix also sell suitable jump leads for around the same price:

However jump leads are of no use at all unless you've got another vehicle to get the power from. My own preference would be to keep one of these in my car:
Put the money towards a service and maybe you wont need the jump leads?
Been caught too many times on eBay. Halfords, yes, trusted local garage, yes.
The thicker the cable the better with good quality crocodile clips. Avoid Ebay
You only have a small car now but you might have a bigger one sometime or even want to help out someone with a bigger one. The main thing to bear in mind is that there is no way of testing jump leads and you only find out they are no good is when you come to use them, so buy the best you can afford.
Ditto to johnk at 5:56
It's also nice to have a good set on board to help others, I recently rescued a damsel in distress who had left her lights on outside a country railway station. She was so appreciative she almost, but not quite, kissed me. :0(
I once jump started a big powerful motorbike. I'm glad to say the owner was grateful, but didn't try to kiss me.

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Can Anyone Advise Regarding Jump Leads

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