Used Car Prices In The Next Few Months

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barnaclebill58 | 08:29 Mon 03rd Aug 2020 | Cars
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Noone has a crystal ball but we can all have an opinion. I'm looking to buy a used Freelander 2 which is not made anymore. If a dealer is selling AB12 CDE for £10000 then Webuyanycar suggests that he bought it for about £7000. I'm not quibbling over the margin as he has to prep it, pay overheads, pay some VAT etc. Anecdotally, the summer is the time to buy 4x4s and the winter to buy open top sports cars. So on that basis I should buy now . But it doesn't appear that new cars are selling and there may be a lot of cars bought on PCP being handed back . So the market could be awash with used cars-and then we have supply and demand-except as I said they don't make Freelanders anymore. Thoughts, please.


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The best time for anyone to buy is new car is when:
they have to, and
they find the car they want,
at the price they want to pay.

No matter when you buy a car, no matter how much you pay it is guaranteed that within a week you will see a much better deal. It's sod's law and it always happens.
My opinion - the car market is in a lot of trouble and the poop hasn't really hit the fan yet, but it's flying towards it! Prices will drop, as they did in 2008.
For the moment their will try and get their normal mark up, and monitor sales very closely, but going on the state of things and with winter coming up I don't think it will be long before they will be happy just to get some funds in the bank, than having cars parked up over the winter not going anywhere. You will then be in the driving seat. :0)
My first thought is don't touch with a bargepole, they are terrible cars, if you've got £10k to spend then get a proper range rover. No way an 8 year old freelander is close to £10k anyway.
The only way to buy a second hand car is go to a auction site
and go many times to get use to the value of the cars. I bought a FIAT Cinquento for my son .Eight months old and cost £3500 .After 2 years he wrote the car off and was offered £3950 by the insurance company I bought a Nissan Primera for £5300 at an auction .A
year later a car hit me and it was a write off. Their insurance company offered me £8500 and I took their offer
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Spocksbrain-thing is I need something that can tow 2 ton and is manual. That leaves a very narrow field-the Subaru Forester fits the bill but whereas you can find lots of independent landrover garages, there are practically no independent Japanese garages. Open to suggestions.

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Used Car Prices In The Next Few Months

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