Stop/start On Or Off ?

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KJN | 16:32 Thu 14th Mar 2019 | Cars
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Hi. For my own information I would appreciate it if you would inform whether you use your stop/start in your car. I personally have mine turned off which made me wonder who else does this. Thank You.


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My car doesn’t have this, but a courtesy car I borrowed recently did. I didn’t like it. If I could have figured out how to disable it I would have. My husband has it in his.
I do NOT use mine. It messes with my brain when at roundabouts. I think i've stalled.
I put it on if in very heavy almost standstill traffic, an awful lot of stop start situation.
If i dont want it to engage i just keep my foot down on the clutch, if i know the traffic lights or roundabout is very heavy i use it.
Not good for the clutch wear andndangerous driving practise
I agree with retro. It would be best to turn it off.
I switch it on if I am using the heater or the air conditioning. If the engine stops (at traffic lights), the blower reduces speed or sometimes stops.
I turn mine off( Skoda Superb) also when I drive the wife’s Fabia but return hers to default position
Seat Leon for me luckily it remembers if it's on or off even after you've turned the car off then on again the next day
I very rarely drive in situations where it operates and would be an advantage, so I leave it "on".
///I think i've stalled.///

I've no experience of it. What happens when you do stall - does it automatically restart then ?

When I have the option it's off, no messing.
I only keep my cars 3 years, the clutches never wear out.
I turn mine off. I have a Ford C-Max, and for me, it's too clever for its' own good. Or maybe no good. The screen heater turns itself off after a minute. I've looked in the settings to try and turn the time factor off, but it aint there. These features are a pain in the armpit. I just want to drive. The C-Max is going next time.
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Thank you very much for the replies, interesting and appreciated.

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Stop/start On Or Off ?

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