Dashcam Cable Hanging From Windscreen

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DC_FC | 13:02 Sun 07th Oct 2018 | Cars
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Whats everyones view on the cable for a Dashcam hanging down across the windscreen plugged into the 12v socket.

Is it something that would be a no no as it obstructs the drivers view ?
I would get it hard wired in so the cable is hidden but its not something I can do.


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The cables supplied with dashcams are usually about 3m long - can't you lead it round the edge of the windscreen and hold it with self-adhesive cable clips? It's not difficult to remove the trip from the side pillar and take it behind that - have a look on Youtube.
My cable doesn't hang down,'s tucked above the sun visor, running down the side of the's easily tucked away in the gap there then under the glove compartment with the odd bit of bluetac and any excess wound and tied.
Hardly know it's there.... :-)
Attach it to the top of the dash using a 'dash disc' instead of on the windscreen.
If a thin cable causes you issues I'd hater to think what the rear view mirror and windscreen wipers do for you. Thank goodness that you no longer have a tax disk.
as ";:": typed !
Why do you always correct 'your ' typos , when it's clear what's meant ?
OG - it's not what the driver thinks, it's what the Police/MoT man thinks.
The police and MOT clearly don't care. There are loads of sat navs in cars on our roads.
Remove it for MOTs, along with the air freshener and furry dice.

I paid Halfords £30 to tuck the cables away behind the trim, just done the same for my new car yesterday, not a cable in sight, good stuff Halfords, well done.
Come on manufacturers...we are paying £40/50/60/70/80k plus for cars and most have 360 deg cameras fitted as standard.We should have cameras integrated and linked to the media hard drive not fixed with a sucker and a length of wire.

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Dashcam Cable Hanging From Windscreen

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