55 Plate Sedona Coolant Problem

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Mr-H | 00:26 Tue 26th Aug 2014 | Cars
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I am losing a lot of water recently. No obvious sign of leak (no split hoses, no puddles under car), so I suppose 3 possibilities. 1) cylinder head gasket blown. I am waitinhg on a block tester kit from eBay which hopefully will confirm one way or the other. 2) Rear heater hoses damaged, split etc. I have beentold that Sedonas are prone to this problem. If no. 1 is all clear this is my next point of investigation. However, there is a 3), and this is it. When the car has been driven for some time, and the engine is turned off, I can hear a gurgling noise coming from behind the bulkhead in the front passenger footwell. What is here please? I have looked at manuals but can find nothing! There is definately a gurgling sound coming from this location - if I can identify what is makung the noise I might be someway to solving my problem!


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Don't know where from.
A couple of litres in a 40 mile journey.
Seemingly constant.

No, it's dry. The noise is from the other side of the bulkhead
The Gurgling sound will be coming from the expansion tank H, next time you go out, undo the cap on top of the tank & do your journey, on your return just listen if you still hear the sounds, also check the overflow pipe out of the Expansion Tank, " This may be out of your vision" so you may not see the loss. RE-CHECK the carpets within your car to see if they are wet, it may be a heater hose if your Lucky.
To Add, that sounds you hear will be Expansion tank Pressure, Poss, Head Gasket.££££££££££££

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55 Plate Sedona Coolant Problem

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