Non folding rear seats

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oneinam | 03:58 Mon 20th Feb 2012 | Cars
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Does anyone know anyone who has converted the rear seats in a saloon car so that they fold down to allow access to the boot?


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Yes, Chevrolet on the corvette stingray
In where? UK where??
If you mean a manufacturer then there are plenty - for example the Mazda 6 saloon

If you mean has anyone done a 'home conversion' then I doubt it would be legal and would probably fail the MoT test - 'type approval' of modifications springs to mind - perhaps one of the more techy motoring fraternity could confirm.
If the car makers intended the car to have the rear seats dropped Oneinam, it would be there to do, to do the job there would have to be Seat belt issues, hooking safety points for the base of the seats + hooking points at each side of the seats, then you have the parcel shelf issue, where the rear shelf sits at the rear it is welded in place so that would be another problem to sort, if your intention is to try this, there is to much bother.
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Thanks for answers. The car does have an £250 factory obtion for folding seats. There is no seat belt problems for a post fit. It seems to require insertion of parts to facilitate folding. Catches, latches and hinges. I was surprised how relatively inexpensive the factory option is and so interprete an retrofit to be feasible.
Do they not do this anyway as standard? The back seats folded down in my Vauxhall Belmont in 1986 allowing me to get a flatpack wardrobe in the boot and close the lid. And every saloon I have had since has been as oliging as the Belmont.

If yours doesn't, then quite clearly you bought the wrong car.
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Hi Spikey, every modern saloon I owned had fold down rear seats. It didn't occur to me t hat this car would not have them. For £250 option, the former owner could have added them unless he too did not realise.
I tend to go for estates nowadays. Much more versatile. Plenty of room for dogs, tents and bicycles. Means holidays are cheap. No hotels or kennels to pay for. Just the cattery for Mr. Whiskers.

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Non folding rear seats

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