"scrapping" a car to a private person

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Thunderchild | 21:04 Tue 14th Feb 2012 | Cars
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My car is not repairable. Due to it's condition and age it's not really salable as a going vehicle (although it moves). I can give it to a scrapper, but someone i know is suggesting he may know someone who may buy it off me for racing with offroad so esentially the car gets scrapped. My V5C has a scrap section but goes on about a business. So can I hand the car over to a private person and tell the DVLA that it is scrapped - I want my road tax back. I get the impression that maybe the laws have complicated


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Most fire brigades require old cars to use for training , contact your local station.
Question Author
do we have any fire stations left ? haha. ok I'll try that,

But what about my actual question, I'm interested to know if i can sell the car as scrap and get it taken off the road ie leave nothing to come back and bite me if someone puts it back on the road later.
I would give it to the person who wants it for nothing but send off the form to the DVLA showing you "sold" it to him.

He can then do what he likes with it (use it off road or whatever)

Once your name is off it then if it is used on the road again it is not your problem.
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so basically i do it as a private sale and let them do the rest themselves. I won't give it away at it's worth £160+ in scrap, if someone will give me at least the scrap value they are welcome to it basically, it's got plenty of good spares just not worth repairing and would be good if it had some more life to it for someone even if it is just for off road racing
Relevant quotes:
"Scrapping your vehicle:
You must take your vehicle to an authorised treatment facility who will make sure that it’s dismantled in an environmentally friendly way."
"If you have broken up the vehicle yourself, you must either continue to tax it or tell the DVLA that you are keeping it off the public road. You can do this by making a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification). You will need to make a SORN every year until you have taken it to an ATF, or told DVLA that you longer have it."


You don't have to scrap a vehicle to reclaim the unused road fund tax. You can simply sell it without tax. The purchaser could then declare SORN and use the vehicle off-road.

However, with the current high prices for scrap metal, it's probably unlikely that the racing enthusiast will give you a higher price than an authorised treatment facility anyway. This ad appeared in the programme for last year's Southend Air Show. The price of scrap has gone up since then!

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well i phoned a guy up that had an add on friday-ad for scrap cars who asked me to name my price, I said £200 (as he was asking for it!) and got what i wanted: he retorted with that he has to make a profit and if I just go weigh it in I'll get £180, the guy suggesting his mates might buy it said that scrap cars are £100/ton so i said it weights 1.75 tons (so £180 sounds right too) and provided i get at least the scrap value anyone is welcome to it !
You could get a price from instantly on their website so you know what it's worth. The deal with all the DVLA paperwork for you and collect it for free.
If you sell the car to anyone who is going to use it offroad or not then the vehicle hasn't been scrapped Thunderchild. For all you know the new owner might decide to rebuild the car and put it back on the road. The economics don't matter to some people as they'll just do it as a hobby. I have in the past as it's better than watching TV.

Unless you sell the car to an authorised car breaker or scrap merchant then I would tell the DVLA that the car has been sold to a new owner. What they do with it is up to them. It's also up to them to ensure the car's use is legally recorded.
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yea thats what I'll do, just a transfer and let them handle it from there, now I know that I can get a tax refund anyway and that it's not related to the way in which the car is sold

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"scrapping" a car to a private person

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