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We've started so we'll finish

By Katharine MacColl BAD boy Steve Owen, embittered Ian Beale, rejected girlfriend Lisa - just who will pull the trigger on EastEnders' Phil Mitchell This is a subject that is gripping many of01:00 Wed 31st Jan 2001

Something to get your teeth into

By Katharine MacColl WHILE the return of Hannibal Lecter is one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year, the people of Florence, Italy were less than impressed to find the notorious cannibal01:00 Tue 30th Jan 2001

Connery and Walters the greatest actors of our time

By Katharine MacColl SIR Sean Connery has been voted the greatest British actor of all time, ahead of screen legends such as the late Lord Olivier and the late Sir John Gielgud. Press01:00 Tue 30th Jan 2001

Ask the audience

By Katharine MacColl SOME really great questions have been posted on the Film and TV section in the last few days. Here are some of the highlights: You love the movies and think you're a right old01:00 Thu 25th Jan 2001

Time for bed, said Zebedee

By Katharine MacColl POLITICAL satire or counter-cultural television with drug references The Magic Roundabout, which started life way back in 1965 as a French children's programme called Le Manege01:00 Thu 25th Jan 2001

Trailer trash

By Katharine MacColl WOULD you spend nearly 4,000 to see a sports match you're not even keen on Well, Harry Potter fans are doing just that. The boy wizard's followers are heading to America for01:00 Tue 23rd Jan 2001

The real pulling power of Hollywood stars

By Katharine MacColl WHO would you rate as the world's leading movie star Just how do you compare de Niro, diCaprio and Paltrow Bruce Willis: No.1Well, action man Bruce Willis is top of the01:00 Wed 17th Jan 2001

Stripped bare

We can't get enough of other people's lives. This week we've seen three new reality TV programmes and there are more to come. When is enough enough Read more01:00 Tue 16th Jan 2001

Reality TV - to what lengths will they go

By Katharine MacColl SO-CALLED reality TV is the big phenomen that is now being played out on our screens, but where will it end Docu-soaps which projected 'ordinary' folk such as Maureen from01:00 Tue 16th Jan 2001

Bond - taking the pistol

By Katharine MacColl THE truth behind the famous image of 007 clutching his Walther PPK is finally out - the man with the golden gun was really holding an air pistol. Sean Connery struck the pose01:00 Tue 16th Jan 2001

UK cinema going at an all time high

By Katherine MacColl CINEMA going in the UK is proving more popular than ever. Figures from the year 2000 show that last year saw the highest attendances since 1974. And, the Cinema Advertising01:00 Fri 12th Jan 2001

When has a series had its day

By Katherine MacColl MONEY-minded TV producers are keen for their successful TV series to run and run. But exactly how many good storylines can you sqeeze out of a group of characters Buffy the01:00 Fri 12th Jan 2001

Is it a film or one long commercial

By Katherine MacColl NEXT time you watch a film keep an eye out for strategically placed products. Product placement generates over $500 million a year for the Hollywood film industry and this01:00 Fri 12th Jan 2001

Screen test

By Katherine MacColl ALL but one of eleven UK films financed by a 92 million lottery award have flopped, according to a progress review by accountants KPMG. An Ideal Husband, starring Rupert01:00 Wed 03rd Jan 2001

The name's Bond, Jane Bond

By Anna Tobin THE PRODUCERS of the twentieth James Bond film Beyond the Ice, due for release next year, have been courting newly-wed film star Catherine Zeta Douglas for a supporting role, but the01:00 Wed 03rd Jan 2001

Errol Flynn - a lout, but NOT a Nazi Spy

By George Harris ERROL Flynn may have been a bad egg through and through - womaniser, bisexual, alcoholic, and anti-Semite. But now the British Secret Service may at last clear him of one of the01:00 Mon 01st Jan 2001

Repeat performance

By Katherine MacColl TAKE a hit 1970s TV series, add a bit of 80s music and top it off with three Hollywood babes, and you've got all the makings of a box-office smash. But, do we really want yet01:00 Thu 28th Dec 2000

Mass appeal for Mandarin movie

By Katherine MacColl MOVE over Jackie Chan. Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon splashes across the big screen like no other martial arts film has ever done. It utilises the film-maker's01:00 Tue 26th Dec 2000

Comedy capers

01:00 Tue 19th Dec 2000

Not so grim up north

By Katherine MacColl CULT TV series Cold Feet and comedienne Victoria Wood flew the flag for the North of England when they each won accolades at the recent British Comedy Awards. ITV's Cold Feet,01:00 Wed 20th Dec 2000

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