The Good Wife

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tyrepill | 23:42 Fri 11th Feb 2011 | TV
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Just like to commend Michael J.Fox for his performance in "The Good Wife" on more4 this week.


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He keeps going doesn't he?
I didn't recognise him at first but thought he was excellent.
It was excellent - the way his character manipulated his condition to effectivbely win his case - and the way Michael J Fox played it - it was really compulsive TV.
What time and day is it on? Thanks.
I think it's on a Thursday on E4 - would need to check.

MJF's appearence will have been a one-off though - he is not a recurring character
Thank You, Andy.
No problem.

FYI - MJF played a lawyer who defended a drugs case, and because he brought in a lower settlement than his employers had asked to be made to pay, he was given $3.2 million, plus stock options - i think it's easy to see that his character will not be being a lawyer after that day ...

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The Good Wife

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