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bibblebub | 23:36 Fri 11th Feb 2011 | TV
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When it comes to improv, Whose Line Is It Anyway? was much better TV (I am aware that it started on radio).

I'm working my way through all the episodes of the American version of WLIIA? which, surprisingly, I reckon is funnier than the original version from over here. Greg Stiles and Colin Mochrie are equally as brilliant in both, whereas some one like John Sessions always seemed to use the programme as an opportunity to show how well-versed he is in classic literature. Incidentally, Wayne Brady is woefully underused when he has appeared in Fast And Loose.

Can Fast And Loose improve or will it be ditched after this first series? What other improv shows have been successful?


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I agree about John Sessions. Whenever he was on QI even Stephen Fry seemed to think he was a smart a**e.

The problem I had with the British WLIIA was Tony Slattery. As funny as Lenny Henry.
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that should be Ryan Stiles (comedy genius) of course
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yes, T&S, Slattery was just a nincompoop (a polite way of putting it) when the programme was on over here

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