What's Walter dogs name on rosewell?

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puzzleking123 | 13:24 Fri 11th Feb 2011 | TV
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What's Walter dogs name on rosewell?


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which character is Walter? You mean Roswell yeah?
One of the traits of a puzzleking question is that he always puts in a (deliberate?) mistake.
well my son has Roswell on DVD boxset and has watched them and the show more than once, I just asked him the question and he said 'what dog?' Mind you he's still in bed as he worked last night so might not have been conscious!
If the character is called Walter Dogs then that is his name, surely.

Or do you mean, What's Walter's dog's name?
Dont' recall a dog in Roswell

there was a dog owned by a Walt in Lost.... or is that just too confusing now?
Walter Dog?
Or do you mean what is Walter's dog's called?
Walt's dog in Lost is called Vincent, wonder if that's what he means? my son says there was no dog in Roswell.
Think the OP should be called puzzledunce!
I can't recall a dog in Roswell at all, but Vincent in Lost. well remembered Dotty.
It was my son who remembered, he has all the Lost series on dvd. he pretty much has every show on dvd , it's like a blockbusters up there!
Please can you clarify this question for us, puzzleking123?
Or are you simply forwarding on a question that someone has asked you?
I've noticed that whenever I ask for clarification on puzzleking123's questions the thread seems to come to a halt and I'm always left as the last poster.
Apologies, puzzleking123, if I'm inadvertently closing off your threads.
Nothing wrong with being a busy-body Factor, however I really would like to know the answer to this one. (clarification)
I very much doubt there will be any clarification on this one, so we may never know the true question
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There isn't a character called Walter in Roswell. In Lost, Walter has a Labrador dog called Vincent. Shannon takes care of him when Walt leaves. Thanks sorry I had the wrong show many thanks for your help. Have a good day all of you kind people

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What's Walter dogs name on rosewell?

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