Celebrity Mastermind,what is the prize to the Charity?

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Invictas | 20:30 Fri 07th Jan 2011 | TV
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I have watched nearly all the Celebrity Materminds,and while they always say what their chosen charity is,I have yet to see exactly what the charity gets.
Did I miss something?(Wouldn't be the first time!)


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All the contestant's appearance fees are given to their respective charity (as announced at the beginning of each programme), the overall winner gets a trophy.
pmsl ^^
Does anyone know how much an appearance fee would be?
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I was wondering that too Francis Asis,
Going by some of the unknown people on it the charities wouldn't get very much in appearance fees!
BBC insier tells me fees are around three to five grand.

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Celebrity Mastermind,what is the prize to the Charity?

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