"Worlds Strictest Parents"

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Answerprancer | 03:25 Wed 01st Dec 2010 | TV
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Any thoughts ?
How much is staged/edited (if at all), how much is real, when the kids respond to questions, how much do you think they are just saying "what they want to hear" ?
Basically - how much is really REAL ?

Any revellations ?


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Methinks it is reality and a shock to our kids experiencing another way of life. Ofcourse, it's as much of a shock to the receptive families and must smash their illusion of British culture.
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"Methinks" or "me would like to think" ? ;-)
I wonder how much of the series is 'selective' from the POV of the donor / recipient family or indeed the producers of the series.
I have watched a few of these AP and I think it's very much staged. They all seem to follow the exact same format.....Take child to new family, child throws a few tantrums, family take child to some uberly deprived shanty town, orphanage, care facility etc. Child has some sort of revelation about just how lucky they are and want to get home to see their mums/dads to say sorry. Then it's hug, hug, problem solved!

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LOL - I knew I wouldn't be the only one to think this.
It's a shame the whole schooling system seems to be the same (ie. staged/cobblers).

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"Worlds Strictest Parents"

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