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Velvetee | 01:18 Fri 10th Sep 2010 | TV
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I shed a tear when Tyrone and Molly told Jack they were naming the baby after him.

Talking of Jack, has the actor Bill Tarmy been seriously ill? He doesn't look well and has huge bags under his eyes.

Also does anyone know what the nature of his relationship is with that woman he moved in with? A few months ago I recall seeing an episode where he was scared she was after his body and locked his bedroom door, but then I missed the next episode.



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have to admit my eyes watered. Yes his health isnt good and thats why he'll be killed off at end of year and that woman is just companionship. They live together, nothing more.
It was a touching moment - compared to the hysterics & overacting over on EE - just that gentle proud look in Jack and Tyrone's eyes acted Peggy off the screen.
I agree, it was poignant to watch Bill Tarmey. I don't watch EE, but have never rated Barbara Windsor as an actress.
Without giving out any spoilers, the story line coming up for him will explain why he is being made to look and act ill. He isn't being killed off, but he is going to die. Although I agree he isn't a well man in real life.

Salla, I agree
I agree it was a touching moment in corrie - and we have had laughs and tears with jack - Enders just seems to get more unbelievable every week - there were people standing about screaming and shouting at each other instead of trying to leave the burning pub! crazy

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