How much do you pay for Sky+?

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Velvetee | 23:49 Thu 09th Sep 2010 | TV
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I'm sure they're ripping me off. I've been paying £49 per month and I'm told it's rising to £52 this month.

I have Sky+ Multi room, 2 boxes no HD
I also have Sky Sports 1&2
No film channels, no kids channels except free ones
No Phone and no Internet through Sky either

Am I being ripped off, how much do you pay? I was wondering if I should move to BT Vision and if it's better value for money?


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Hi Velvetee.
We have Sky HD ~ Full sports package, no multi-room, no film or childrens channels, no internet or phone from sky and over the past year we have had to phone Sky 4 times to get the box re-set as it keeps freezing. We pay £49 pcm and have also been told this is going up. I am seriously considering dumping Sky. We have a tv in the spare room that has built in freeview and Sky have stopped broadcasting Sky Sports news on freeview as they want people to pay for their packages (greedy B'strds!!)
The thing about going across to B.T. or Virgin is that they have to buy the rights to the programmes from Sky. So, although you have more control over what you pay to watch and don't have to sign up for set packages as you do with Sky, there are few real monetary benefits to changing.
How much of the sports do you actually watch? I just go to local for the footie and it's free.
Used to have the films package with virgin but realised I was only watching 2-3 films a the most. Got rid. Come to think of it, I find all the BBC and ITV channels are the ones I watch the most. Must have another review of the package!
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I dont have sky, but I think that sounds shockingly expensive - think of the films you could hire from something like Love film or the actual sporting events you could attend for that kind of money. We have freeview but actually watch very little tv - we buy dvds and box sets of programmes that we would like to see, but there is no way that we pay as much as that on those. How much do you actually watch it? Would you miss it if you didn't have it all?
We have HD (waste of money), kids channels, normal Sky channels, Internet and phone for about £54 a month (changes a little bit each month based on non-free phonecalls made). I thought it was a bit expensive myself but seems cheap compared to how much some of you are paying. (The HD is £10 a month but I can't cancel it till about January.)
There was a TV ad recently offering sky +, broadband and phone for £20 a month. This would be a saving of around £15 per month for me so I decided to look into it. I have decided Sky are a bunch of complete cowboys! I went through the order stage (just to see if any unexpected charges appeared) and was told that this offer was unavailable in my area. I thought this might have been because the can't do broadband where I live but it then popped up with a whole load of other offers available in my area, including broadbad and all starting from at least £40. I was so cheesed off, I felt as though they had offered this lovely price just to get me onto their site to talk me into spending more money. Which I didn't do. I wonder how many people have actually been able to take up the £20 offer.

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