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scotman | 23:00 Sat 21st Aug 2010 | TV
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'Wallander' has just finished on BBC 4 and has been followed by 'Roger and Val Have Just Got In'
I have not been watching this but it seems to create very strong feelings in viewers.
Is it meant to be funny?


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The show needs canned laughter, if only to tell you where it's supposed to be funny. Dire!
I've not watched it but the previews were promising and it starred big names. I;ve not been spurred to watch myself though...
This programme does not need canned laughter, neither imho does any other.

I do not know if it is meant to be funny or not, but I find it mildy amusing and certainly very watchable. I think it is meant to be exactly what it is......the conversation between husband and wife as they meet up after being at work all day.

brilliantly portrayed by Dawn and Alfred.
I agree with I.Don.Know. I don't think it's meant to be side splitting comedy. It's just an amusing reflection on real life and makes you think.
I made a point of watching Roger and Val and turned off half-way through. Definitely not funny - even just raise a smile funny. Much like "Grandma's House", didn;t think that was very funny either. Either it's my age, or they just don't make funny comedies any more (a contradiction in terms, of course!). OH says it's my age ....
I watched the first two, missed the last one. I have to say, I'm desperate to catch up. I found myself asking the same question as Scotman - is it supposed to be funny?
chockie,it's not your age,believe me!! It really is crap.
Sorry, meant to say I'm NOT desparate to catch up! Durr!
i was going to post up something about this programme the other night after watching it, but i didnt know quite what to ask or say on it, so i left it lol .. so im glad to see someone else has posted up...
what do i think about the programme? .. erm, i dont know really...
i dont think its meant to be side splittingly funny, and no, i dont think canned laughter is needed - if it had that, it just might turn into a similar dire watch like that caroline quentins family sit com thing - cant thing what its called now.
but yes, i agree with i don no and loftie, that its just a simple reflection on married life - not trying to be all light and fluffy showing married bliss, but just showing them as the norm - coming in from work, putting the shopping away, talking about their day, getting food, idle chit chat, to hanging curtains lol ....
its different.
and yeah, i think im going to carry on watching.. :o)

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Roger and Val etc

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