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What annoys me is that they don't wear hats when cooking, it's one of the first rules of any big kitchen to keep hair covered

Plus Dick needs to cover up that dead rat on his top lip

Think Christine will win
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Hi joeluke,havent been able to watch some of the series,but hate the neil and christine hamilton,desparation couple...
I think Christine will win. The dead rat is horrid, couldn't think of anything else, especially when he tastes the food.
I like Lisa but she tends to get overwrought. But they have all worked extremely hard on this one.
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Has dick,split up with his wife,his son and daughter were in on the programme, not his wife...
Dick stores bits of food in his tache so that if he gets peckish in the middle of the night he doesn't have to get out of bed
Lisa has won,!! I thought Dick's food looked best tonight.

Yuck joluke, lol
Quelle surprise..the pretty blonde one won - despite cooking pretty basic food. Is goats cheese tart, a fish course and panna cotta with berries really worthy of a Masterchef winner. Asas for cooking for the Michelin chefs – Christine has to prepare a cook a whole pig's head, Dick has to butcher and cook a whole goat (both tasks I suspect Lisa would have failed spectacularly) while the "winner" makes a Tiramisu. What a disgrace. Either of the other two would have been worthy winners but not Lisa.
I didn't know who Dick was, so I googled him and got to Wikepedia. When I read down it mentioned Cel. Masterchef and it SAID WHO WON !! I was livid.
He was in a programme about being green. He and his family were in a programme where they moved to Devon and became self sufficient.
Does that make him a celeb??
Nowadays anyone who has amassed 5 minutes in the media is classed a celeb. Dick has been on TV for 12 years.

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