No Antiques Roadshow Tonight (Sunday Oct 18th) it has become Casualty!

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Mr Veritas | 16:06 Sun 18th Oct 2009 | TV
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The Antiques Roadshow tonight has been replaced by Casualty!
On ringing the BBC Complaints Line,Iwas told that as the Gran Prix Racing(Saturday) had kicked out Casualty the "schedulers" had decided to put the episode of Casualty in the Roadshow slot.
When I suggested that Casualty could have replaced something less popular than the Roadshow I was met with blank and uncomprehending silence,followed by "I will pass that on" which of course they never do.
The BBC listens to it's licence payers~like hell they do!


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Mr Veritas!
What no A.R? It\'s classic Sunday t.v! :0(
Blimey Mr.V - do you re-arrange ALL the programs?
Question Author
Well Sachs,
Looking at the BBC TV schedules for this evening,they could have easily replaced Countryfile, BBC One 7.10~8.10
or Meerkat Manor BBC Two 5.05~5.55
with Casualty,and left the Roadshow intact.
Of course these "schedulers" are mostly 30 somethings in suits,who have no idea which programmes are so popular.
They haven't a clue have they!
You have made the huge assumption that AR is more popular than Casualty. BARB viewing figures regularly places Casualty above AR in the table of BBC1 programme viewership with a differential ranging between 0.5 to 2.5 million. It is very infrequent that AR surpasses the Casualty total viewer count.
Question Author
No ABerrant,
YOU are not reading MY words correctly.
I never said that Casualty wasn't popular,only that another less popular programme could have been taken off to accomodate Casualty,rather than the Roadshow.
My gripe is not with Casualty,but with the schedulers crass programming.
I COULDN'T read YOUR words correctly because they (your first reply) weren't there before i started to research the BARB website for MY reply. If there had existed a preview option before posting, the extra information lacking within the original question would have been evident.
You have a very valid point mr v - also last night the grand prix overran on BBC 1 by 20 mins messing with my recording of strictly
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It may be surprising to some to find that Countryfile also garners a higher audience than AR.
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Hang on a minute "On ringing the BBC Complaints Line" get a f*****g life man

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No Antiques Roadshow Tonight (Sunday Oct 18th) it has become Casualty!

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