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lilacben | 00:20 Thu 06th Aug 2009 | TV
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Has anyone just watched this weeks Silverveal on tv.? I was in tears when that awful woman put her husband in there and then at the end she was talking about getting someone else. Heartless or what.! What ever happened to" In sickness and in health" in her marriage vows.?


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Pardon my ignorance (we cannot only get 4 channels where we are),but just what IS Silverveal,when it's at home?

I did Googlr it,but didn't learn any more!
I didn't watch it but it was Silverville..BBC1 10.45 Mr V...about a retirement village in Milton Keynes.
Thanks Robinia,
I shall try and Google your (correct & helpful) definition,
Hello there lilacben,
Thanks to Robinia,Ihave watch Smallville on the BBC iplayer.
I was as shocked,saddened,and yes angry,as I gather you were.
Elsie & I have been married for 60 years,and have (very luckily) had excellent health up till noe.
However,if (god forbid) anything happened to Elsie I would fight tooth and nail to llok after her at home,if I could financially and physically.
This woman seemed to want to get rid of her stroke victim husband as soon as possible,and make a new life for herself (includong a new man!!!!) As you say,what happened to the marriage vows?
Poor guy he breaks my heart.
I can only think that he won't last long in there,given that he seems to be the youngest,AND has a wife who COULD look after him (but doesn't seem to want the bother).
I loved all her talk of making him "independent",when really it was she who wanted the "independence".
I suppose it just make Elsie and I grateful for what we have,and grateful that we have 4 loving children,and 6 Grandchildren who WOULDD look after either of us if something happened.
Both our thoughts are with this guy(poor Elsie sat next to me on the PC watching the show) she was VERY quiet (unusual for her!LOL) until I saw she was in floods of tears!
What made it worse was he was about the age of our second son, so it really hit home.
Lets hope she misses him (some chance) and takes him home.
Elsie said SHE would look after him(we have the room).
Thanks for the suggestion lilacben,it was very sad and yet thought provoking at the same time.
Hello lilacben,
Like you I felt so upset.Poor man and although he has had a stroke he was able to talk ,walk,and generally manage quite well,and not frail and elderly either. She was a heartless selfish cold woman and could not wait to escape from him.The worst thing of all was telling him that she was looking for a new man,although had not found him yet.How cruel. I went to bed feeling very sad and cuddled my Husband. I am 69 he is 71 and if he was struck down I would want to do my very very best to keep him close. I wonder if they have children because getting shot of Dad like that would not go done well with our Daughters.
Perhaps with a few of the Ladies on the look out for a boyfriend someone will take a fancy to him because he was very nice.
Felt sorry for Bertie with his new Fiancee changing her mind. Bless him.
A good series worth watching.
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Thankyou all very much for your replies. I am sorry I spelt the name wrong. It was such a shock to me seeing it I just felt I had to ask if ayone else had seen it and felt like I did. I did miss how old he was. But no matter how old he was he had a wife who should have looked after him. How on earth can she hold her head up to family and friends .!!!!!! AND to go on public TV and admit it. I love my husband dearly ,still after 38 years and I wouldnt dream of putting him into care if he had a stroke unless ,of course, doctors insisted he stay in one. This dear man deserved better. I hope he haunts her.

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