Corrie's move to Thursday nights

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Tizzi247 | 13:34 Thu 09th Jul 2009 | TV
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I am really angry at the fact that ITV are moving Corrie from Wednesday to Thursday night as from 23 July. It is apparently because they are having a "drama shake-up", i.e. Emmerdale will be on for an hour, The Bill is going to be at 9 pm after the watershed and then I read they can then show the FOOTBALL!!

Corrie has been on Wed nights since it started, why do they have to change things now? I still haven't got used to not having an episode on Sunday nights. Also, I don't understand why they have to split the Monday and Friday night episodes, why can't it be shown for 1 complete hour?

Why do sports fans always come first, I think all sport should be on one channel and then the rest of us can avoid it.

Sorry to have a rant, but I am so angry ! Grrrrr............


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Can't see why you are angry. The Wednesday episode was often missing so that the football could be shown. This way live sport won't interfere with it at all.
It used to be on tv Wednesdays and Fridays only, then Mondays and Wednesdays only, so it has gone up from 2 episodes a week to 5.
where did you see that please?
For gina32 - here's all the info:

The new Thursday night lineup won't include The Bill for STV viewers because STV has axed The Bill from it's schedule to show rubbish Scottish made programmes and repeats.
They have totally lost the plot at STV.
maybe all the rubbish soap shows should be on one channel too.
I think it`s a great idea. At least there`ll be no moving Corrie about now when there is footie on. I`m not a footie fan, but there`s NOT that much on in comparisson to soaps etc.
souldriver - I like your thinking.... The Bill will clash with Bones but as I have Sky+ then no problem!
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I would be quite happy to watch ONLY corrie on a soap channel!
If they put Corrie. on one ITV channel and Football on another, surely they would get the best out of advertising?

After all this is what pays the way for ITV, which at the moment is struggling.
Its a good idea to put Corrie on a thursday night, no more stopping it for pathetic people to kick a ball about.

Also they split the episodes on a monday and friday night to accomodate other people. I like the idea as people can watch eastenders in between.

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Corrie's move to Thursday nights

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