Paris Hilton's british best friend?

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littlefreak | 11:00 Sun 18th Jan 2009 | TV
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What ? What is the point? Is a reality show or what?

And why do we (british) have to have her? Can't she be sent back to the U.S??

What has happened to good quality TV??


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Exactly what I thought, watching the trailer is bad enough let alone the whole programme! What exactly is her talent? My sister and I were saying about comedy sitcoms as well, all the new ones are just so unfunny, with only a very few exceptions.
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her talent? I think she's only famous because her Dad is rich. I don't think she actually has a talent!

I know, old Tv is way better: like Allo allo', one foot in the grave and Only fools and horses. But there are loads more!

Nowadays the good shows are meant to be : Big brother and Little Britain! =(
Your question is exactly what I thought when I saw the trailer. I'm also bamboozled as to how she became a sex symbol too - surely just taking your clothes off and having a sex tape "stolen" and "leaked" (yeah, right) onto the internet shouldn't be enough, should it? Surely you should also be at least moderately attractive.

Utterly pointless (both her and the programme).
exactly, littleoldme, I have had dozens of tapes, erm, 'stolen' and put on the internet, and still no offers from the BBC. And yet Jonathan Ross gets millions. This is like SO unfair.
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You are so right, and I am actually turning into my grumpy father (eeek!) and I'm not even 18 yet!
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lol at jno
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By the way is she actually looking for a 'best friend' ? How does that work?

... I'm happy my parents pay the tv licence and not me, it's a total waste!!
EXACTLY!!!!! I was just about to post a question. All she is is a fairly pretty girl with a famous name and a rich father. She has no talent whatsoever. May be her rich father is paying squillions to ITV to make the programme for her to keep her occupied. Yuck!!!!!!
Whilst I agree with all your sentiments, I reckon most of you will end up watching it to see what its about!

�Searching for the perfect pairing, Paris is bringing 16 girls and two boys from Britain to Los Angeles to compete in the ultimate friendship test. They'll be moving into Paris' dollhouse-themed mansion, where she'll control their every move. The potential new BFFs will have to jump through hoops to prove they can party and have taste, class and business sense. They must be real -- and, of course, they must be hot. Game on, b!tches!

Not shallow at all.
hahaha thats what i thought when it said sorry america we have her now on the advert i was like dont you mean sorry england !!!!

shes too old to be acting like that the simple life was kind of funny but she needs to grpw up now like nicole and get a life

btw i heard she got cut off the will
Paris Hilton is the ultimate 'celebrity', she is famous for being famous.

People may wonder why this type of show gets made - the answer is, a large number of people watch it.

Why is PH on at prime time, and something like 'live poker' is on in the early hours? Because a much higher proportion of Paris fans than poker fans will tune in.

TV has and always will be driven by viewing figures - if people will watch a show like this, TV companies will run it, so we need to examine our own viewing habits.

The minority wil wonder 'why?', the majority will watch.

It really is that simple.

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Paris Hilton's british best friend?

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