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RevFunk | 09:41 Wed 24th Dec 2008 | TV
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Just how big is Pat's house?

There seem to be an unlimited amount of bedrooms


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What a load of old tosh

Like The two tramps who need a wash (Sean & Roxy) moving to Dagenham.

To live where and do what exactly?

Sean Slater is the fittest bloke on tv......rwar. Id take him a smidge grubby omnomnom
no, the 'baddie' from survivors is better!
anyway there is a room in pats house that we never see, its the room between the kitchen and the front room.
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Soulette he's ginger and he needs a wash lol

Not long to go and we'll never see him again thank god
And with all those rooms and klds they haven't even got a washing machine.
Is someone due to die this Christmas (seems to be the most popular story line)? if so, who?
We are led to believe it will be Sean - after he a Roxy fall into a frozen lake ........ I think it may be a ploy and the annoying Sean will be back - and even angrier!!!
For Goodsoulette.

Merry Christmas!
saxy jag I saw that at one minute past midnight and consider that to be my best xmas present ever.

The guy is just plain lush. Ginger is cool, tall and a little hairy,...... I( need to go lie down.

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