Lost Little Dorrit

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BillStreet | 10:12 Sat 06th Dec 2008 | TV
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When will Thursday cancelled episode be shown?


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I think they said in the omnibus addition on Sunday
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I guess that might be the case, little use to those who cannot watch TV early evening
It will be shown between 6.15 & 7.15 Sunday evening. What a stupid idea to cancel a serial. They could have shown the Shannon Matthews doc later in the evening. That's schedulers for you!
totally agree, along with some of the girls i work with, all geared up ready to enjoy another installment and they take it off for that evil woman. At least i caught the next episode last night on bbc1 scotland.
I'm absolutely fuming about it- there's little enough worth watching these days as it is.
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True doc, and it also gives me chance to work my way through my collection of stuff i've recorded for these dry spells.
Started to watch Deliverance last night- can't believe i never watched it before. (sorry for hijack, Bill) xx
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Lost Little Dorrit

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