Eggheads - What happened to CJ?

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horseshoes | 18:31 Tue 02nd Dec 2008 | TV
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Where did he go (not that I'll miss him)


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He's gone to Aussie land .Want to be in that prog I think Im celebirty let me in
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Serious though it looks like they might change the egg heads around as a new guy has joined them .So CJ should if all goes well return soon .
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I've been watching the "Search for an Egghead" but didn't see the start of series.I'm sure they must have explained about CJ then. I watched the new Egghead - Barry - on his first run-out tonight.
was that the one that had an awful fashion sense? no offence lol
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Yes that's him. He is good as an egghead but why oh why can't they just answer the question instead of wittering on and on and ...... JUST GET ON WITH IT!!!!!
Annoying that they have to explain why such and such is not the answer

Just answer the bloody question!

I`m glad he`s gone, stuck up tw@t that he is
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Exactly!! I also HATE the way Daphne pulls faces. I have a feeling that newcomer Barry is going to be annoying too. Yet still I watch it !!!!???
At least CJ had a bit of personality. The programme won't be the same without him. Apparently, they are asked by the producers to witter on to demonstrate their knowledge.
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Mm. I had assumed that was the case. To give them their due credit though - they are very good.
I'll miss JC at least he has a bit of Character.
brionon,I won't miss CJ though.
NOWHERE! Seeing as he was back again tonight, Daphne's turn for a rest.

Seriously though, I wonder if any of you actually watched either show given the number of times (8 at last count) that some has asked here (on different sections!) - Where was CJ tonight?

I thought this was adequately explained on the "Are you an Egghead" programme. They wanted to find a new Egghead to allow a "squad" of 6 to play 5 at a time in rotation. Seeing as they film 4 or 5 shows a day then they are all at the studios together anyway - it just gives each of them a bit of break during the day's filming.
"To give them their due credit though - they are very good"

I disagree, Kevin And Daphne are excellent. Chris obviuosly is a very good quizzer but has a huge void in his knowledge of sport. CJ is a good pub quiz league standard. Don't get me started on Judith she is an embarrassment. Before someone mentions her millionaire win,she was very lucky, her questions were not too difficult at all. I'd bet 9 times out of 10 she would get nowhere near the million quid.
Ooooh my favourite 'annoying' programme. Isn't it soooo irritating how, particularly Daphne, proclaims that she has no idea of the answer and it will be a total guess and then she gets it right!
And then we are treated to that silly giggling 'Ooh did I get it right'
have to point out to the guy who said he saw cj the other day they show reruns alot which is why you saw him if you see a recent show you will onotice that he has been removed from the opening where they show all the eggheads heads in an egg which shows all the egghead team regardless of which 5 are on the show there are 6 eggheads now and none of them is cj

visit for info on why he left

Also LCDMAN that was a repeat you saw. The new episodes clearly show in the opening where they show shots of all 6 eggheads no matter which 5 are in the show that CJ is not one of them.

He has apparently left to pursue an acting career

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