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RevFunk | 11:05 Mon 18th Aug 2008 | TV
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Anyone watch it last night?



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poodles i forgot it was on, hope its repeated.
I saw end half and I was shouting at the telly. lazy so and so. Espacially when he hurt his leg again and wouldnt go out and speaking to that girl like that saying she was selfish, she's selfish, he should look in the mirror!!! And when he had to change a nappy, showering the poor kid!! My god that vexed me. She still couldnt see what an idiot she was with though, I guess she's grateful for anyone keeping her in the country
I did and posted a question on it but i only got 1 silly irrelevant answer. Seems like unless its an argument , you dont get any answers anymore. :-(

anyway, what bit did you find unbelievable Rev? That bloke ! How did he get a wife? amazing that woman let themselves be treated in this way.
Husband would not let the wife out, because
"you're an attractive woman"

Beauty is certainly in the eyes of the beholder!!

On the whole I was shocked at the actions of husbands!!
Question Author
I found it amazing that people like him still exist.

Hadn't ever changed a nappy, so if his wife was out I suppose he would just let his kids wallow in dirty nappies. I thought the pit when he said his kids paintings were a "load of rubbish" was terrible.

Scrounging off benefits and stopping in bed all morning, his wife must enjoy it lol.

Did anyone see the aftermath show?
yer but look at the husbands funnygirl, hardly lookers themselves are they
They shoulda been shot!!! Both of them!!

Useless men!
i just loved it when the thick sod said "you cant make an old leopard change his spots! lol says it all really.

Would love to know how a pinned ankle stops you from working. Lazy git. Just doesnt want to work. i know someone who has both legs pinned after an accident and does manual work 70 hours per week.

I sometimes wonder if these people are told to behave in a certain way to make good telly. Would any self respecting woman really let a man treat her in that way, as a servant to his every need? it is beyond incredible.
when he went to do volunteer work he enjoyed it and the said yer but you dont get paid for it. But then he's not willing to work and get paid anyway!!! No didnt see aftermath, I was annoyed enough
I have never seen a fella like him on Wife Swap.

What an evil, controlling, horrible, lazy man.

He seriously disgusted me, the way he treated his step-daughter was a disgrace. He should never be allowed to have the pleasure and responsibilty of children.
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I wanted to see what the Dr's made of him but my signal went lol
And i saw the Aftermath Show - he hadnt changed one bit.
There will always be men like him as long as there are women who are prepared to put with them.
You're right, the women are to blame for allowing them to get away with it.

At least that one last night stood her ground!

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