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mydogsandme | 22:18 Mon 11th Aug 2008 | TV
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I've just read that she's expecting her first baby. I thought she must be about 43,my OH thought about 47 but I read she's 35! Does anyone else think she looks a lot older than that? Don't mean to sound bitchy.


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Invisible that's what I was wondering! She actually looks about my age and I'm 48.
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Blimey, I thought she looked about my age, and I�m 50! Mind you, I�m often told I look a lot younger (though I�m not one to boast). lol
Yeah, I agree - thought she was a lot older.

Funny, I thought that about anna ryder richardson too - I was flabbergasted when I found out she was a lot younger than she looked.
Sigh ...
I thought she was about my age (42) but it seems none of the men care what age she is!

lucky her :o)
age is just a number really. would anyone think that helen mirren was in her sixties! ? each one of us has an image of a person...say 50...but everyone's image is different. so it is in real life. 2 people aged 50 side by side would not look the same.
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Andy and Carla sitting in a tree....Andy is in luuurve! Me too Mrs Chappie-nice isn't it??
Double sigh with a side order of drooling ...
I agree with sallybowles-age is just a number. But Madonna "fab at 50" am I the only one who doesn't think so? Saw a pic of her the other day and th veins in her hands and arms were eeeuuuggh!
She must have had a hard paper round when she was young.
I love that phrase lankeela. I must remember to use it sometime.
I'm with you scotgirl, I don't think madge looks that great and am I the only female on the planet who likes Carla?
I'd have said about 40-44. However, that is probably down to all the gunge on her face. To much makeup and a hard hair colour always makes people look so much older IMHO.

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