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texol | 21:21 Mon 11th Aug 2008 | TV
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How are Biancas kids related to Jim to be able to call him grandad?


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Please pardon my ignorance here, but I thought the actor who played the part died in real life? :o/
i dont think bianca knows who the father is never mind grandad
I was trying to work that out.

Isn't he Sonia's grandad so Carol's father or father in law meaning that Bianca, as Carol's daughter (is that right?) is his grand-daughter?
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But how is he Sonias Grandad
Because he's either the father or ex father in law of Carol, Sonia's mum.
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Carol (Biancas mum) is Jims daughter. The fact she was a Jackson threw me, i didnt realise she was a Branning.
Thanks all.
You know what, I bet if anyone could be bothered, they'd find most of the people in a soap - not just stenders - were related to each other in some way.
So does this make Bradley and Bianca, Sonia and Robbie cousins?
Bianca, Sonia and Robbie were siblings. Bradley's a cousin.
This confused me for ages, when Bianca said she and Bradley were cousins when she first arrived. How come Max and Jack only talk about one sister and not their other sister Carol? Where was Carol at the party last night? Was she mentioned at all?
for gods sake, its a bloody soap
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Still had a look in though didnt you Norman?

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