Doctor Who - Billie's teeth!!!

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licklechap | 10:12 Sun 22nd Jun 2008 | TV
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Was watching Doctor Who and everyone in the room commented that Billie's teeth seem to have grown and it affected her speech as well. HAs she lost weight and made them more prominent?


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That's exactly what we all thought! She does look like she has lost a bit of weight but I don't know how that affected her voice, she sounded like she had just had her tongue pierced.
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Know what you mean! She didn't open her mouth very wide and seemed to keep her dialogue to a minimum, she kept just cocking her head to the side! Don't get me wrong, loved the episode - I like the strong story ones where the Doctor isn't in it much, but Rose seemed odd.
I also thought this - how she seemed all mouth now. She looked even more mouthy on the BBC 3 prog after, when she wasn't wearing make up.
Poor toothy girl!
she hasnt had those awful fascias put on has she?
dennis waterman looks like tim nice but dim since he had his done. duncan bantyne also had them done.

why do they bother? they are so obvious!
I noticed the mouth, but I wonder if she has had some fancy dental work done. Her voice certainly sounded strange.

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Doctor Who - Billie's teeth!!!

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