I just wet a girl called Maria.

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Jack The Lad | 14:30 Tue 08th Jan 2008 | TV
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Does anyone else find that Coronation Street take such stupid liberties with their story-lines that is is distracting. I found myself wondering just how Maria could get soaking wet after falling down but then find her way back in no time at all. Although she was lost, not only did she find her way back to habitation but straight to the hotel they were staying at. Then she proceeded to spend the night in the same clothes.

This puts me off the action which is then taking place back in Wetherfield so I lose the plot.


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and not only that but she didnt even consider getting herself and unborn baby checked over at the hospital
Yes, but at least we were all relieved that Ozzy was ok. By the way, did anyone give a passing thought to who was looking after him whilst they were all at the hospital?
the resuce woman said that the team would look after him B00. Im sure he'd have been a lot happier with them too :)
Why was the helicopter not used in the original search?
i said the samer thing yesterday and also did anyone notice yesterday that in one scene maria had her jumper on the right way then the next scene it was back to front and also how did the dog jump down so far without hurting himself??
Dogs are pretty agile creatures, he could have skipped dwown the cliff to the bottom, although more likely he covered the ground the 'long way round' and finished up at the bottom.

I can't understand why whatsisface is doing with Maria, who, lovely though she is, is nowhere near as sexy and naughty as Carla - guess he will realise before much longer. Minx!
You really do have a thing about Carla, don't you andy?
i think carla is dog rough, but thats only my opinion! lol

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I just wet a girl called Maria.

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