Reverand is Souperior

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Reverandfunk | 12:10 Thu 15th Nov 2007 | TV
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Because this is my threed it means that I am the bestest person on hear


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I agree.

Can we use this trthread to display are speeling mistake and tipos?
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I thinks you writes noice Poppa
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XXXXXXXXXX You are special rev.
Question Author
My nan says i am but then again she is mental
i was only jokin earlier you r the most superior in my thread rev come back its no fun without u
Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Your poor nan.
-- answer removed --
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When I was a kid every summer holiday I had to spend with my nan & grandad.

I used to get ever so lonely in the cemetary
Correction, you were the bestest person on here.

I thought this thread could use some class.
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Did u get yr Pm cheena
Yes. I've replied but the glitch that allowed it has been fixed.
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sent you my work email.

Lucky girl lol
Rev...I must admit you are one of the AB faces, your negative comments do make me chuckle
Question Author
I am the Ace Face especially when the chrome on my vespa is polished lol

My comments may appear negative but they are true lol
Rev, do you dance like the Ace Face? I hope not!x
Question Author
U should see my Northern Soul dance lol

well maybe not......

katie I sent you a PM yesterday lol
Ooooooh deep joy!!! I'll go have a look.x
Wooo Hooooo!!! Feels just like Christmas!!!!lol Mwah.x
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I wont make any sack jokes

Anyway you have my email lol

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Reverand is Souperior

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