Jase's shirt in Eastenders last night

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kmgirl123 | 10:23 Tue 13th Nov 2007 | TV
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In last night's Eastenders (Monday 12 Nov) did anyone else think that �30 for a shirt (which was pretty gross anyway) is a bit expensive for a market stall! Surely Jase would have been better off going down to Oxford St!


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yep................ i said to my wife that i wouldn't pay �30 for it!! especially off the market!!!!
I wouldn't pay 3 quid for it lol.

Tramps the lot of em...
I thought it was so funny how all the women in Albert Square were complimenting him, when all he'd done was change into a manky shirt...he didn't even have a shave!!!
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Exactly! He could scrub up a lot better. The shirt was pretty skanky tho - Dawn looked bloody awful too in her corset thing. There is someone on Answer Bank in the shopping and celebrity style section asking if anyone knows where she can buy Dawn's top- WHY?!
I thought Dawns top was nice lol
I;m sure thats from anne summers
lol eww what possessed him to buy that horrid shirt!?!? Now I like a man with a bit of stubble but does he ever shave??
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He is quite cute tho I think but he kind of looks like he'd smell if he was stood next to you! What I dont get is why Dawn was acting so coy and shy and was like "I want to take things slow". This is Dawn we are talking about her - she would eat him alive!
ska please dont start I gave stubble lol
have stubble even
He is cute but only when Sean isn�t about!
I don�t like Dawn or that other blond one who�s after him!!
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No I think he could do with someone mellow, both Roxy and Dawn are bit fiery for him. Mind you he is a vast improvement on pyscho Rob
dont u mean oxfam i seen that shirt in oxfam for 40p last weekend lol!
kmgirl123 i agree with you on that one lol!
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Does anyone know what Jase is supposed to be part of? Is it football hooliganism? Y was he in Prison?

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Jase's shirt in Eastenders last night

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