kids tv show from 90's - Dragon?

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HibeesChick | 21:26 Sat 13th Oct 2007 | TV
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I am trying find out if there was a kids tv show from i think the 90's which had a group of kids in this "other world" and they had to help a talking dragon find pieces of a puzzle or something. I know this is very vague but I need to know if I am crazy or if this show did exist or not?! HELP!!!!


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Was it real or cartoon? Could it have been Knightmare?

I know they used to fly on a dragon sometimes?
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it was real life actors - except for the dragon of course
I think this might be: Knightmare
I remember see it

see this link:
it has been on sky recently cos my kids watched it and i told them i watched it when i was a kid ... was prob the late 80s??
they had to do puzzles and got zapped if they got it wrong,they wore some sort of goggles too?? 3 kids directed the one kid though it... could be wrong though lol
Just realised you said kids. I think they sometimes had kids on the Adventure game, but usually adult 'celebrities'.
Through The Dragons Eye????
i think thats it
Oh my God i loved that programme, we used to watch it in first school =]
Through the Dragon's eye was mid 80's though wasn't it? I watched it at infant school so that would have to be 1987-89?

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kids tv show from 90's - Dragon?

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