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hopalong | 20:38 Mon 01st Oct 2007 | TV
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Why is Billy back in jail?


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I seem to remember that he stole a car from Debbie's garage to try and catch Diane before she left for Brighton, however long ago that was. He was caught by the police on the way. I'd imagine that has something to do with it, but not 100% sure.
I wondered that too

Did anyone esle notice that Diane was NOT in Margate tonight? she was clearly in a large park in Yorkshire (some where near Hull) - there is no where like that in Margate
Well, it would have been a bit expensive to take two actors all the way to Margate to have a row in a park, really, wouldn't it?
Since when have TV soaps worried about expense?

Sending familes of Emmerdalians off to Spain/Tenerife etc? Margate would be cheap as chips by comparison

Do they think the viewing audience is that daft they won't notice such inaccuracies?

God, I really need to get out more!
i think he was found guilty of trying to do "acting"
yer it did make me laugh how they had a big sign saying margate in background

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Emmerdale: Billy

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